Imants Deep Spader | Dave Creed & Sons Somerset
True one pass cultivator drill combination able to work varied soil types. Crop Stubble to new seedbed in one pass.
  • 1) Firstly subsoiler legs that are mounted at the front of the spader break up any plough pans and compaction.
  • 2)The spader performs primary cultivation slicing and turning the soil burying trash with ease.
  • 3) Rear of spader 'Spiro' seedbed consolidator performs secondary cultivation.
  • 4) Our spader is coupled to an accord front hopper and rear mounted seed drill which enables us to drill a large variation of crops.
Rotating spade blades operating across the full width of the machine, work to maximum working depths of 45cm the advantage of the system is the absolute minimal risk of wheel slip or smearing under wet soil conditions. As the spade blades cultivate, they lift and tumble the soil, thoroughly mixing it, breaking up any clods and leaving a beautifully prepared and undamaged soil structure, which is fully decompacted and aerated. Rotary action also means no plough pans are created!
This ability to mix and blend, is a huge advantage when it comes to incorporating stubble and previous crop residues, as well as large quantities of composts, slurry, manure and other organic materials etc. The rear mounted 'Spiro' seed-bed consolidator adds the final touch to a highly efficient cultivation technique and guarantees an ideal environment for fast consistent germination, maximum plant establishment and optimum uptake of nutrients.
The Imants Revolution is more efficient and effective than ploughing, rotovating or harrowing and will complete the entire cultivation operation from initial primary cultivation, decompaction and aeration, to seed-bed preparation in one pass! All this, at working speeds of up to 3.6mph (5.8km/h) resulting in typical work rates of 3.7acres/hour (1.5ha/hour).
Please call us with your enquires and one of us will be more than happy to answer any questions.